Train your mischievous friends into civilised beings!

Dogs are no less than children. They are naughty, overly excited, mischievous, trouble makers and adorably cute. If your dog is 1 to 2 year old, it is the best time for training. Usually it is preferred the young the better and when dogs are 6 months old the basics start. But according to us ay dog of any age can be trained.

Our training services include:

  1. Helping your dog to follow walking regime which will include fixed timing so that they can intuitively follow and wait for their walks.
  2. Food regime includes eating timings and accepting new kinds of food.
  3. Understanding basic commands like sit, stand, jump, roll over, attack, stop, eat, to wave, to give comfort etc.
  4. To behave and not create troubles if stopped from something. To remember and follow the commands of their master.

The important aspect at Happy Pettings is that they don’t believe in breeds. They don’t distinguish between a stray dog and a pedigree. So whatever dog you might have you can still avail the same services with a very homely atmosphere and make your dog happy all the time. The three friendliest dogs that the Happy Pettings own i.e. Guggu, Happy and breezer you dogs will never feel alone in their company and will learn simultaneously. Dogs follow other dogs and this becomes an important aspect of training. Watching the other dog play, eat, adhere to the commands your dog will try to follow the same and this will make their training session fun and interesting.

We make training session fun for your dog and are completely against the harsh or methods that include creating fear in the minds of the dogs. We know you love your dog and wouldn’t want to traumatise them. We are not one of those. We make the dog understand with the help of our own trained dogs. We use reward methods that include giving them dog biscuit and snacks for every right action they make for different kinds of commands given to them. Appreciation by petting their heads, loving them, rewarding them with dog snacks and playing with them is how we choose to train them. This method maybe time consuming but is very effective in the long run.
Let Happy Pettings take care of your dog’s training while you watch their wonderful transition journey. Please call Happy Pettings to discuss further.