Pet Taxi

We at Happy Pettings are aware of your busy lifestyle and time constraints and keeping that in mind why we can provide you with a taxi service to commute to and fro, making life easier for you and your pet!

The pet taxi service provides safe and friendly dog pick up and drop off services to help alleviate your troubles. We provide professional and comfortable local pet transport service. We pick up your pet and drop him/her up to the vets, our daycare center, groomer or anywhere else your pet needs to go. We also provide pick-ups and transfers to and from the airport.

Pet Taxi Service is available with prior booking.

Contact No :+91 9818440776

Pet Taxi for your lovelies!

We understand that it is not always possible for the pet owners to carry their pets for different errands. Usually, it becomes quite difficult to take out time from your daily life chores and incorporate your pet’s veterinary appointments, grooming sessions etc. So we are here to help you and your pets

Our Pet Taxi services take care of:

We will pick up your pet from your residence and drop it back. For your pet’s safe journey depending on the breed and their training we may use dog kennels for easy transportation. No matter how time consuming the job maybe we will give full attention to your pet and will be caring towards them. We understand how dogs feel especially when they are due on their vaccination; we connect with the dogs easily so you need not worry how your dog would feel getting the injection or meeting the vet. All will be taken care of. If your dog is due for a grooming session, pet taxi can bring and drop your pet as and when required. For long journeys, if you are planning a trip we can help by dropping your pet to the desired destination. Your pet will be safe and sound and proper attention will be given for making them feel happy and secure.
Dogs are quite sensitive and highly intuitive. They can sense what is being done to them just be your behavioural changes and actions. Dogs are pretty good in understanding their surrounding which is why it becomes essentially important to make a connection with your dog in order to build that trust for their safe and secure journey as well as for undertaking their appointments successfully. We know what your dog wants so when you have a pet taxi at your dispense feel free to use it. You won’t be disappointed.
Pet taxi may sound fancy but it’s the perfect way of keeping your dogs appointment up to date. You may not have time but we will always take out time to treat your dog special every single time.

Type Amount
Cab Booking Charges 250 INR
Per KM charges 20 rps/km
Outstation Charges
Driver Charges 300 rps/night

Terms & Conditions:-

  1. Cleaning charges of Rs.100 will be charged, in case the pet dirties the cab.
  2. For cemetery pickups, a cab cleaning cost of Rs.250 will be charged.
  3. Toll charges have to be borne by the customer.
  4. A pet handling charge of Rs.100 is chargeable if the pet is traveling without the owner.
  5. Cancellation charge of Rs.200 is applicable if cancelled with only 60 minutes to the scheduled pickup time.
  6. As a protocol to ensure timely pickups, the driver will contact the client one hour prior to the pickup. The client will be given 15 min grace time to respond to the call. If the client does not respond to the call, the pickup slot will be given to other emergency pickups or other general online bookings. This protocol is followed to ensure that we attend all emergency pickups and to service all other clients.